Google & Facebook Represent Over 70% of Internet Traffic
organic search and Facebook ads will drive more customers to your business than any other online sources



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Putting Google search traffic and Facebook ads to work for your business is critical in today's business climate.

If you’re searching for more traffic for your website along with more new customers and profits, then you are definitely at the right place to find an SEO expert in Tampa.

Google’s ad revenues were an astonishing $74 billion last year, which was a significant increase over the year before. So why is it that Google continues to grow?
It’s because they have the most popular search engine in the world, and the number of people who use it to search for stuff online is growing constantly.
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Everyday people who need to find attorneys, AC service, cosmetic dentist, dry cleaner, roofer, you name it, they Google it.
We too can deliver quality relevant traffic to your website. We can do this without you ever having to pay for a click. The traffic is totally organic based on SEO and comes from a much larger pool of searches.

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The business world today calls for an SEO company to be an integral part of any marketing plan. This is because of how the Internet has literally taken over our ways of doing things. People today are choosing the convenience that online search affords them, in locating what they need, right from home, without having to leave their house. Businesses are seeing the gigantic gains and great ROIs (Return on Investment) that they can get when they use SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and are making it an essential part of their marketing strategies.
Let Us Drive Those Kinds of Results to Your Business’s Website
The search engines are great resources for finding anything you can imagine, all you need or want. Simply type in the words and ‘poof’ there it is, right in front of you. Search engines use algorithms to help them deliver the best possible results for your searches. Just think what it would be like if no search engines existed. It would be practically impossible to find anything online. Thankfully, that’s not how it is for us today.
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“I met Pipp a little over a year ago. Having recently opened an office in Brooksville and needed an online presence. Pipp built a website for me and created a strong local search presence for me. I now appear on the first page of search results for all my important keywords on Google and the other major search engines. Additionally we are doing online video marketing allowing me to have another spot on page one for many of my keywords. And we are seeing results. I highly recommend Pipp if you need help with marketing online. Also, Pipp recently brought me up to speed on the growth and importance of mobile, so I had him build a mobile site for my practice which allows me to take advantage of the growth in mobile search.”
Richard Mitzel, Owner, Richard M. Mitzel P.A.


Increase Visibility...
Give your business the visibility it deserves with dominating rankings in Google. We’ll direct all digital roads to your business.

Team Up...
Our job is to help you, so if you have a problem that needs resolved, need an update or just have a question, let us know. We are available. Think of us as your partner, because with SEO we will not take on another client in your niche – in your market.

Google Domination...
We are not happy with just being at the top of the SERPs. We want to take over the entire page.

More Customers...
Our services will help drive more customers to your site, products and services, than any other digital marketing strategies.

On a monthly basis we will send you rank updates and industry news that is worth knowing. We want to make clients aware of changes in the industry and will make recommendations to help secure their businesses online.

Best Practices...
No black-hat tactics or cutting corners. All work is done by our core team of internet marketing pros.

Revenue Growth...
Watch your revenue grow from a new stream of inquiries or customers that want your products and services.

Yes, we are SEO experts but we also belong to mastermind groups that include the world’s leading SEOs. We discuss strategy, what’s working now and what to move away from. We stay on top of the industry for you.

Worry-Free Agreements...
Month-to-month agreements. You are paying for results... if you are not getting them you should not be locked to an agreement you can’t get out of.
“I had the pleasure to work with Pipp on a SEO project. He was able to quickly assess the scope of work and devise a game plan. We were successful and Pipp’s help was a valuable component to that success. I can eagerly recommend him as an excellent SEO.”
Thomas Oxlee, &

Why is SEO Such a Vital Part of a Business Strategy?

Any business needs to create an SEO plan to implement as part of their overall marketing strategy Right Now! The reason is because people use these search engines for finding whatever it is they need that day, and new potential customers are there for the taking if you have the services or products they need. If they can’t find you, then someone else reaps the benefits of the search engines. Opportunities lost are revenue lost. It can really add up to mind-numbing amounts of money.
Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have hired the wrong SEO company and been burned. They didn’t get what they were promised and paid for. That’s why some business owners are hesitant about hiring an SEO expert in Tampa because they’ve heard those same horror stories. Who wouldn’t be reluctant when hearing a negative report?
However, in the Internet world just as in the rest of the world, there are bad apples sprinkled in among the jewels. You just have to do your research and weed out what’s good from what’s bad. The truth is that when done properly, SEO services can improve your business growth by an enormous amount. Your ROI will really skyrocket.
Some small businesses and large ones, see SEO as being too confusing or a bit overwhelming. However, they still need it if they are going to keep up with their competition. They have to face the fact that a marketing plan without a serious online effort today is not going to deliver the best results.
SEO that is properly implemented by a skilled and trained Tampa SEO expert is going to produce a great ROI for companies who are smart enough to take advantage of it.
We will deliver the kind of results that get you Ranked #1 on Google.

“In the SEO world, precision and attention to detail decide the difference between average and expert. Pipp’s ability to formulate precise strategies tailored to client’s needs and implement them with knowledge and expertise sets him apart from the many professionals claiming to be SEO experts. When a business owner chooses to do business with Pipp, they are making the right choice!”
Kotton Grammer, Nationally Recognized Internet Entrepreneur

Getting Top Rankings

Whenever you search for anything online it is a search engine that delivers the results pages. There will be relevant websites listed on the first page that offer the services and products that most closely match the keywords that were typed into that search engine. The large majority of people performing searches, will only view that first page, without clicking onto the second or third. That’s why it’s so important that your business be listed up toward the top of that first page. You will get a whole lot more traffic when people can see your site upon arriving on that first results page.
With SEO, your site content and its structure are vital elements that are part of how search engines determine their rankings and results. The more visibility your site has the more potential customers you have, which means more revenue for your business. People search for what they need, see your site link, click on it, and are at your website to find what they need and make a purchase. That is ‘organic’ traffic.

Long Term Success

Having a sound SEO strategy properly implemented for your website will move you to the top search results of the first page and you can maintain that position. This ensures that you keep a steady flow of new visitors coming to your site on a daily basis and business will increase. So pick up the phone and let us help you today.
To recap, it is the search engines that everybody turns to when they need to find something. It can be information, products, services, or just general interest, but they find it by one means – search engines, and mainly Google. When you can get your business website ranking at #1, you are going to enjoy an increase in visitors and revenues that keep you competitive and makes you a success.
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